AdCenter's guidelines for promotional giveaways

  • Updated
  1. Full contact details of the company or Affiliate must be available on the Affiliate’s website and on all their pages or a prominent customer support link leading to the contact information.
    • Company Name
    • Email Address or Contact form, either Web or Chatbot
    • Telephone Number or functioning VOIP
    • Address
  2. The Affiliate’s customer support should reply to all queries within 48 hours.
  3. Competition Rules must be readily accessible on the pages offering the promotions as well as any homepage if it exists in addition to. Their rules must state:
    • The subject matter of their competition (what is being given away)
    • Price for entry / if free
    • Competition start and end dates - the end dates should not be extended unless absolutely necessary and confirmation must be made that prior participants will not be disadvantaged
    • Instructions for entry
    • Terms and conditions should be translated into the language of the target country
    • Clearly state if any geos are not eligible for entry
  4. Specify the number and nature of prizes where omitting that information would be likely to mislead (e.g. two phones per fortnight).
  5. If email addresses are collected they should be used for the purposes of that specific competition only.  It emails are collected the terms of their privacy policy and a link to their customer support to have personal data deleted must be present.  Must be GDPR compliant.

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