GDPR & Affiliate Marketing: How does the game change?

What is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):


The General Data Protection Regulation is a new legislation that will start on May 25, 2018 and will affect almost everyone. In simple terms, this new law will create more control over the personal data collected online.


How will the game change:

Absolutely everyone who collects any personal identifiable information from EU residents will have to:


  1. Become very transparent about what exactly will happen with that personal information: how do you collect the data, who will have access to it, who will you share the data with.
  2. Your users will have to give express consent to any communication sent to them
  3. Allow your users to gain access to that personal data and update it as they desire
  4. Keep secure all personal information and communicate your users and to a Data Protection Officer if any security breach has occured within 72 hours.


Personal identifiable information: names, address, email address, any type of I.D., credit card numbers or any other financial information, date of birth, genetic information or any information that can distinguishing a person’s identity.


GDPR and Ad-Center


Here at Ad-Center we value your privacy as an affiliate and want to make sure that you’re aware our efforts to keep up with evolving international data privacy standards. Earlier this year we have updated our Privacy Policy, making it more clear and understandable, so as to increase transparency and make our privacy policy more clear and understandable.


In an effort to evolve early and comply with new international data privacy standards, particularly the new privacy law General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU.

A few key things we wanted you to know about Ad-Center’s efforts:


  • Your account settings has direct access to control the communication you receive from Ad-Center. You have direct access to control the communication you receive from Ad-Center in your account settings.
  • Your personally identifiable information was never shared, sold, rented, or traded with any entity outside of Ad-Center for any promotional purposes.
  • Your information has been was kept private and secure from since the date you signed-up to our program using SSL encryption. All personally identifiable information we collect about you is stored in limited access servers.
  • All Ad-Center cookies are
    1. Limited duration
    2. Less than 5KB in length
    3. Only visible to Ad-Center web servers
    4. Devoid of any personally identifiable information

Since all cookies are stored by your browser on your own computer, you have full control and can adjust your browser settings to delete your cookies regularly.



  • Does the GDPR affect me? (If you answer yes to any of these questions, then the GDPR will affect you too)
  • Does your website get any traffic from the EU countries?
  • Do you have any subscribers or members on your site from any country in the EU


  • Why should you get GDPR compliant?

Because you’re cool and want to meeting affiliate industry standards.


  • As an client of Ad-Center, if you do have to become GDPR compliant, you should seek your own legal advice. Our support article should not be your only legal advice.

But to help you out further, here are a few articles you can read to get a better idea on what to do next:


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