Using the Sports Product Effectively

Using the sports for specific sports is actually very simple and easy to do.

We have added an extra parameter that you can add to customize your sports lander to you visitor traffic.

The special code is:

s=[sport type]

By adding it to your promoting url like the following you will change the theme of the product.

The current sports we have support for are:

  • BigFight: s=bigfight
  • Golf: s=golf
  • Rugby: s=rugby
  • Horseracing: s=horseracing
  • Boxing: s=boxing
  • Football: s=football
  • Olympics: s=summergames
  • Baseball: s=mlb
  • NBA: s=basketball
  • Cricket: s=cricket
  • Hockey: s=nhl
  • MMA: s=ufc
  • Racing: s=f1
  • Soccer: s=soccer
  • Cycling: s=cycling
  • Tennis: s=tennis
  • College Basketball: s=madness

For BigFight LP, you can use s=bigfight on the following Ad-Center links...

Join Page:[your ref code]&s=bigfight
Player Page:[your ref code]&s=bigfight

In the near future we will be adding additional sports to meet all your traffic needs. If you have any special requests feel free to ask us or comment below.

If you have any questions, recommendations or comments about this new customization feel free to contact your account manager or account executive. 

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