Promotion dos and don'ts

Encouraging clicks, Unnatural attention to ads, False promise of content


Understand this : advertisers do not want any kind of “encouraging” techniques to attract visitors to interact with their ads -  they already pay their creative department for that.

If their ad copy does not connect with users, it’s a sign that they have to work on their product or copy and that is definitely NOT a publisher’s responsibility to “help out”.


Encouraging clicks

Flooding your website with flashy graphics might make you seem desperate. Instead, change something about your advertisement style, clean it up instead of adding more and try again.

The following phrases/graphics, or any variation of these are a few examples of  Encouraging Clicks and are not accepted:

  • "click the ads"
  • "support us"
  • "visit these links"
  • “click image/buttons below”
  •  arrows or other symbols pointing to the ads or other similar actions.




Unnatural attention to ads

If you’ve tried different ad strategies, your 30k visitors are not bringing millions in revenue. You get the sense that people are just not “feeling it”. Whatever you do, DO NOT start explaining your visitors on what they are not missing out.

The real problem might be behind your traffic or other hidden reasons. Talk to your account managers, their eagle eyes will easily spot what might be wrong.

Visitors get easily confused and lose trust, when your website disguises the ads or has layouts that make it hard for users to distinguish between the content and ads. Trust is the hardest to achieve and easiest to lose. Make sure your visitors know who YOU are and WHAT is an advertising.

  • Do not describe the advertised product
  • Do not explain “how it works”
  • Do not pretend to offer the product yourself
  • Do not testify to the product (even if you’ve used it) unless the advertiser specified so
  • DO find the best location for the ads with the help of your account manager and track the ad performance


False promise of content

Promising the FREE Stuff!


Offering free stuff to your visitors is powerful tool to attract attention and increase your traffic. Who doesn't like free stuff? There is nothing better than getting something you want without having to pay a penny.

Shouting “FREE EVERYTHING! Limited time only.” works only when you actually have FREE EVERYTHING. This type of advertising feels spammy, and if there is one thing online users have evolved into is avoiding SPAM.

If you are going to use this marketing technique, make sure that the content on your web-page is accurate. Your website may not include any messages that misleads or deceives users into believing they can access specific content by accessing the advertisers’ links or banners.

Users will only engage with your content if they Know, Like and Trust your content.


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