CONVERT: Visitors to $$$

Attract  quality visitors


Visibility ( Site Traffic) - Can people find your website easily when they need your type of products/services/information?

This is where your search engine ranking and social media influence matters.


Accessibility - Can they access your website from their chosen device and location?

Start with these 5 Basic Must-Haves when creating your website.

Convert  your traffic into sales


Does your website really show expertise and earn your visitors trust?

Hint: Make sure you correct all negatives, typos, too many ads, broken links, poor design, old content, slow speed.

Mobile usage is exploding, read how you can convert more by Making Mobile Money.

Engage your visitors  & let them talk

WOW your visitors! Be active in your relationship with your visitors.

Does your site promote word of mouth, engagement and repeat visits?

Here you should use interactive features, rich content, “right” tone, clear information architecture, interaction design

Boost engagement easily with Comments & Testimonials.

Measure  everything and A/B test


Measure: Search Engine Ranks, Feedback from users, Social Media: likes, follows, shares, Transaction conversion performance, Banner ad engagement and response.

( Your account managers can help you track your ad results)

A/B Testing: Test things that have biggest impact: the headline, your call to action, any graphics. Figure out exactly what works best for you and keep testing regularly, since anything can change over time.

Advertisers also measure everything and track your results. They are your money source - make sure you also keep them happy.

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