Advertiser Programs & Quality Standards

How do I become qualified for an advertiser’s program on Ad-center?

Each advertiser has different standards and requirements - however, they usually consist of at least one of the following criteria:

  • Site reputation, market vertical and traffic size will be considered.
  • Site must have a professional appearance and present content cleanly.
  • Personal information provided must be valid and accurate.
  • No duplicate accounts are accepted.
  • No banned or prohibited content is permitted (copyrighted materials, adult, terrorism etc.)


Why are changes made to our advertiser programs?

Sometimes - an advertiser will make adjustments to their program accurately reflect the quality of traffic that you have sent to one or more of the products found on Ad-Center. These changes are intended to improve the health of the program and ensure its availability to our affiliates in the future.


What are some factors that may negatively impact my traffic quality?

We regularly review traffic quality across our network. Based on the variety of advertisers and programs we work with each situation is examined on a case by case basis - but here are a few common situations:

  • Traffic sources do not match the advertiser's program
  • Incentivizing your users through deceptive advertising methods or social engineering.
  • Imitating or impersonating an advertiser.
  • Advertisers may not approve of certain methods of promotion (ex: incent, direct, social media)

There are a lot of tactics that may result in short term gains for an affiliate, but that will negatively impact the health of the advertiser, our program and the affiliate themselves.


How do I re-qualify for a program I was disapproved for or no longer have access to?

Our number one suggestion is to connect with your Account Manager or Account Executive, review your account and identify where the issues are. By following industry standards and best practices it is possible to improve the quality of your traffic and have your program either: a) readjusted to its previous state or b) allow you access to our even higher tier programs.


How can I ensure my traffic is high quality?

There are three main areas you should focus on to maximize your site performance: good organic site ranking through (on-page SEO), interesting content and consistently generating quality backlinks from other sites (off-page SEO). If you have no idea where to get started, here is an SEO checklist you can follow.

The most powerful concept you can follow is to focus on the Lifetime Value of a Visitor. If you provide them with offers that they like and content they are interested - then you will turn a one-time visitor into a repeat visitor that you can serve multiple offers to. That could mean turning one sale into five or six!


Who can I speak with to get help?

Your Account Manager or Account Executive will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about your account. You can reach them through your dashboard or communicate with them directly.

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